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We are committed to protecting the privacy of users.

No contact/address book information is ever sent to the server. The app reminds you to send gifts on special occasions and holidays, but all these are client side only.

All emails (for example, to invite other players or send a gift email) are sent from your phone. If the user you are gifting to is already a beesell player, then the server awards/transfers the gift from your account to the existing player. If the user is not already in the system, the server has no knowledge who you sent the gift invite to, until the recipient chooses to redeem the award.

All social media integration happens from your phone. None of this information is ever sent to the server.

Basically, the only required personal information (information about you, outside of game play itself) that is sent to the server is: your email address (which we use as your login ID) and optionally, any screen name you desire. If you don't choose a screen name, the first part of your email address (before the '@' sign) is used as your screen name for your convenience. The server returns a authentication code for the email address you specified, this code is saved by the app and subsequently submitted for further requests back to the server. This authentication code stands in as an alternative to creating a password.

If you later choose to upload a profile picture, this is sent and stored on the server. It is optional to upload a picture and we don't require you upload a real picture (anything will do as long as it conforms to our Acceptable Use Policy). Do keep in mind that a real picture can be much more interesting and easier to remember than some random placeholder image.

If you sign out of the app, all information related to your profile is deleted from the client. This includes both your email address and authentication code.

Similarly, if you delete the app, all client information is deleted from your device.